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Video: McDonalds employee licks nasty grease trap for $5


I have worked at a fast food restaurant for a little over six years now and I have seem some downright disgusting things that I care not to discuss right now. In my six years of working for a fast food restaurant, I have learned that my co-workers will do just about anything for a quick buck except for their actual job.

What this McDonald’s employee did made me want to turn my hat and apron in upon viewing it.

BroBible shared the disgusting video of a young man by the name of Garrett licking the side of a grease trap for five dollars. Yeah, five dollars. Why would you want to commit such a vomit-able act for five dollars.

Psst, you can buy a beer for that price if you really want to make yourself puke.

I don’t know if the kid puked after he did this and I seriously hope customers couldn’t see him do this. Fast food workers already get the rep of being uneducated and stupid and this pretty much confirms it.

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