Video: Former UF QB Tim Tebow does crazy leg workouts

Tim Tebow finally has another reason to workout for football again. Back in April, the Philadelphis Eagles signed the former Heisman Trophy winner from Florida and he is working to prove that he can still go and can earn a spot on the field this season.

He has even gone to the extent of surprising Twitter with one of the most innovative leg day workouts I have ever seen.

College Spun shared the video of Tebow doing what appears to be a combination of a leg press and swing. Yep, it looks just as crazy as it sounds.

I don’t really know how this workout is any different from doing a regular leg press. Nor do I know how this will help a NFL quarterback on the football field.

OH! Now I remember. Jump passes.

Uh, Tim, Philly isn’t Gainesville. You don’t have Aaron Hernandez (actually no one on the football field does). And Chip Kelly isn’t Urban Meyer. But good luck man.

Hey, at least he is giving the ladies a show.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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2018’s No. 1 prospect leaning toward Tennessee