Video: Ronaldo dressed as a homeless man, plays soccer

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest soccer players in the world today. He also proved that he is one of the most humble people when he decided to prank people by dressing up as homeless man and showing off his soccer skills in the streets of Madrid.

BroBible had the awesome video of Ronaldo playing soccer with clueless people in Spain. Some people wouldn’t even give him a second look just because of what he looked like, while others recognized that the man just wanted to have a little fun.

One little kid got the ultimate surprise after playing with Ronaldo. He autographed the soccer ball and gave it to him all while stripping off his disguise and causing absolute chaos on the busy street.

The best part of this entire video wasn’t seeing gobs of people flock to Ronaldo once he revealed himself. It was the girl who had absolutely no idea who he was and turned him down when he asked for her phone number.

Not only does the video show that Ronaldo is really a cool guy, but it shows that people just want to have fun in life. Maybe next time a homeless man wants to throw a football around, I will certainly take him up on it. Who knows? It could really be Peyton Manning in disguise.

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