Video: Richmond uses technology for strength training

In today’s world of ever-growing technology, it is not uncommon to see athletic teams using newer and more modernized methods of running tests on athletes and their strength training. While some teams are more accustomed to sticking with the old method of hitting the weights and hitting them hard, the Richmond Spiders basketball team is using a newer method to produce results.

In this video, head strength and conditioning coach Jay Demaro tells fans about the unusual method the Spiders use to not only determine what core positions an athlete needs to work on and get stronger with, but he also talks about the mental aspect of what their technology shows about their athletes.

“We are looking at a L3 ECG which with that we are looking at the actual functioning state of different energy systems,” Demaro said. “We are also looking at the state of your central nervous system and that’s the pad that you see on their hand and their head. Now we know physiologically how they’re able to adapt to stress or what (kind of) stress they’re able to adapt to.”

This new advanced technology gives the Spiders an advantage unlike any other team has seen before. Not only do these teams know exactly where their athletes are the weakest, but it shows how much exercise they can physically take before they are to the breaking point.

The Spiders have taken a step into the future of strength and conditioning and it won’t be long before we hear about top-tier programs using their own technology to their advantage.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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