Iowa City teen takes SnapChat selfie with cop after arrest

You hear about arrests going seriously wrong all the time nowadays. Someone usually resists arrest there is a fight started between the suspect and the police officer that usually ends up with someone dead.

Thankfully, this Iowa City teen knew how to cooperate with the officer during his DUI test. He was cooperative enough that the cop was nice enough to take a selfie with the kid for a SnapChat.

You guys know what SnapChat is right? That popular selfie cellphone app that you have heard horror stories about? Well, this story has a much happier ending, with a court date for the kid and a trending story for everyone else.

BroBible shared the photo of the cop and the kid while the suspect was being tested for DUI, or in the state of Iowa OWI. The police report said that the teen admitted to smoking marijuana before driving.

This is easily one of the funniest things I have heard all day and I certainly am glad that this didn’t turn into a much more serious situation. Maybe next time someone is pulled over, they will think back to this story and take my advice. If you cooperate with the law, the worst that can happen is a fine and a court date.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to SnapChat

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