Not a lol’ing matter: research reveals demise of the ‘LOL’

The culture and psychology behind ‘e-laughing’ has provoked Facebook to determine the ‘how,’ ‘why,’ and ‘what’ in Facebook posts of an under-investigated evolution of displaying what’s been coined as ‘the best medicine.’

According to the research, 15 percent of Facebook users will inquire on how to go about revealing their laughter, which is ‘performed’ through four main avenues: ‘lol,’ ‘haha,’ ‘hehe’ and the trusting emoticons. Of those four, ‘haha’ has seen an uphill climb versus the almost-involuntary response of a vanilla-flavored, ‘lol.’

The figures were further dissected and grouped into demographics, since what mode of laughter is sought relies on the user’s age, gender and location.

For instance, the younger crowd (no age range disclosed) and women are more likely to use emoticons, whereas men have a proclivity to use an extended version of the ‘hehe.’ Furthermore, major metropolitan areas, such as Chicago and New York, are more inclined to settle for an emoticon. Meanwhile, San Francisco and Seattle, being the hipsterdom capitals of the U.S., resort to the trendier ‘haha.’

The Four Methods of E-Laughings and How They’re Represented:

Age Classifications and Figures of Laughter:

Types of E-Laughs and the Likelihood of Increasing the No. of Letters:

As detailed above, it’s more likely a user wishes to add more vowels paired with an H rather than implying a hearty e-laugh through additional emoticons or – for the one percent – L’s and O’s.

Gender Specification: E-Laugh Gender Wars

Described in Facebook’s research, males are more likely to use ‘hehe’ strictly on the premise the it contains a lot of ‘he’s.’ Although, on a personal note, users, who send a ‘hehe,’ are in search for more of a delicate, softer tone.

Demographic Distribution of E-Laughing:

State-by-State Saturation of the Different Modes of E-Laughing:

Elaborating on the above infographic, the darker-shaded states represent higher concentrations of either ‘haha,’ ‘hehe,’ ‘lol’ or the emoticon. And also realize that the northern half of the continent is more lenient with their ‘haha’s,’ while the lower portion of the country likes their ‘lol’s’.