Video: ‘Friends’ opening credit scene in GTA V

If you’re a twenty-something college girl, you probably are in love with the popular sitcom from the 1990’s Friends. If you’re a twenty-something college guy, or a fourteen-year-old guy, you probably love the popular, and graphic, video game franchise “Grand Theft Auto”.

Without a doubt GTA V is the most popular installment in the franchise, at least until the new one comes out. Friends was and still is one of the most popular television shows. It was so popular that Netflix picked up the series and it became the most watched non-Netflix original series in the last decade.

To say that these two things don’t really go together is an understatement, but any fan of the show or the game can appreciate what someone did. BroBible shared a video of the opening credit scene to Friends, you know the one where everyone is playing a fountain for some damn reason, and dubbed it over characters from the game doing the exact same thing. It was pretty awesome.

WOW. I was never really a fan of the show and I just now got into the video game, but people have learned how to make some pretty great things in the game with modifications and whatnot.

Someone needs to get on recreating the opening scene of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air now. That would certainly be more watchable than a reboot of the show.

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