Netflix is saving customers from tons of commercials

Over the last few years, Netflix has gained a lot of momentum. What started as an alternative to movie rental stores like Blockbuster has evolved into the largest television- and movie-streaming site in world.

The most-loved perk about Netflix that has customers dropping their cable and satellite television services all over the place is the lack of commercials. While there are talks of Netflix beginning to put advertisements on their original series, the service still saves you time from watching a ton of commercials.

According to an Ex Streamist report, Netflix has been saving customers from a lot more commercials than you would believe. It was said that a Netflix subscriber watches an average of one and a half hours per day on the site.

If you calculate that out to a full year, customers are being saved from watching 130 hours of commercials.

From Ex Streamist:

We calculated this total number by multiplying the amount of time the average person streams Netflix on a daily basis by the average time ads are aired during a normal one hour broadcast. With Netflix subscribers spending an average of 1.5 hours a day streaming from the service, and an average hour of television having approximately 15 minutes and 30 seconds of ads, Netflix is saving its subscribers from over 130 hours of advertisements a year.

According to a 2000 person survey conducted by TDG Research, users are now spending upwards of 1.5 hours a day on average streaming Netflix content. This ends up being around 540 hours of time spent streaming Netflix a year.

While there was a scare a few months ago that Netflix was going to start testing advertisements, CEO Reed Hastings came down on that rumor quick with a definitive “no way, no how” (you could of course argue the definition of advertisement with him, as they are testing in-house content ads for their own shows similar to HBO).

So basically what this means that if you hate commercials, you really have two options: 1. Get a DVR or something similar to that in a cable box and record EVERYTHING you watch or 2. Get rid of that and watch Netflix. Yeah, you don’t get to watch every show you usually do on cable, but you don’t have commercials.

It’s really a no-brainer if you ask me.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to Netflix