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Video: Guy puts GoPro on fin of Hammerhead


Sharks are terrifying, yet beautiful creatures. They are important to the ecology of the ocean and they keep the natural food chain in order; I’m not telling you anything you wouldn’t have learned by watching Discovery Channel during “Shark Week”.

I also don’t have to tell you that sharks can be dangerous if you are stupid enough to mess with them in their natural habitat. I don’t condone some of the idiotic things people do, but this guy sure provided the world with some amazing footage.

A video surfaced online after a guy strapped a GoPro action camera to the fin of a Hammerhead shark. The footage is pretty amazing.

The first thing I have to remind this guy of is the fact that Hammerheads are some of the most aggressive sharks and they will turn on you in a second. This guy must have known what he was doing, otherwise I would have to question his sanity of jumping into a school of different sharks in the middle of the ocean.

Either way, I appreciate the sheer awesomeness of this video and what these magnificent creatures do for our oceans.

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