Video: Cyclist freaked out by ‘kangaroo apocalypse’

Visiting Australia has always been a dream of mine. One of the biggest reasons I want to go there is to have the chance to see a wild kangaroo.

With that being said, I know that kangaroos can be dangerous, so I wouldn’t be stupid enough to mess with one. Apparently, this native cyclist knows exactly what he is doing while he rides through a horde of the cute marsupials.

USA TODAY’s For the Win shared a video of a cyclist kind of losing his mind as he rolls through what he calls the “kangaroo apocalypse.” The video is quite creepy as the animals just stand and stare at the man for a minute before some start to hop away.

It makes you wonder what the kangaroos’ intentions really were before they began to scurry off. It really was like a scene out of The Walking Dead.

Oh my God. I just thought about how scary zombie kangaroos would be. That is certainly a movie that the creators of the Sharknado franchise need to get on right away. I’d certainly watch it.

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