Snoop Dogg on Cordell’s future, Straight Outta Compton & more

Snoop Dogg was one of many celebrities present for this past weekend’s Athletes vs. Cancer Celebrity Flag Football Game in Los Angeles, Calif. The event was set up to raise money for the charity in memory of in memory of Memphis Grizzlies star Matt Barnes’ mother, Ann Catherine Barnes, who passed away in 2007 after being diagnosed with cancer.

During the event, Snoop Dogg took some time to sit down with Campus Sports to discuss a number of topics including what the charity means to him, the creative way the fund raises money, the future of his son Cordell Broadus and much more.

“Three years ago, [Matt Barnes] decided to do it and I wanted to step up with him in representation of L.A., USC, UCLA,” Snoop said. “So we did it, did it two years in a row, and then when my son got a scholarship to UCLA I said, this year we’ll just go USC vs. UCLA.

“The whole event is a clever event that Matt Barnes put together with his team to bring some awareness; all these athletes, celebrities and entertainers, we come out to support it because we all have lost someone to cancer. And we all feel like we want to find a cure and bring some awareness.”

After mentioning his son’s influence on the theme for this year’s game, Snoop Dogg commented on his son’s future. It had recently been reported that Cordell Broadus decided to leave the UCLA football team in order to pursue a new career in film.

What kind of advice did his father have?

“[I told him to] be all that you can be in life. Play the game of life like you played the game of football,” Snoop said he told his son. “Play it hard, with passion. Be serious about it. Be studious. Be humble, and strive to be great.”

We were also able to pick the brain of Snoop Dogg for his thoughts on the box office hit, “Straight Outta Compton.” Snoop opened up about the influences and inspiration he found in the film.

You can hear those thoughts below.

“I thought the movie was excellent; well put together, the story was awesome,” Snoop said. “A lot of the things in the movie I never knew and I was so happy to see, because a lot of it was myth. To see it all on screen gave me some clarity. And just to see the guys that I wanted to be, N.W.A. — to see why I wanted to be these guys — to see their hustle and their struggle and their grind, you know, which perpetuated me into being who I am.”

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