Video: Rugby ball pops after player falls on it

Unless you’re an avid fan of the sport, rugby is a very confusing sport. It is a mix of football and soccer, which is a contradiction in and of itself, without the shoulder pads. One thing that is similar to both of those sports is that the ball is filled with air.

What happens when you put a lot of pressure on something filled with air? That’s right, it pops. Balloons pop, tires pop, wacky-wavy-inflatable-arm-flailing tube men pop.

One rugby player found that out the hard way during a match Tuesday night. The game was between Northland and Southland, which the former team lost 27-18.

That must have really hurt. I guess that’s what happens when you go after a play pretty hard. Maybe the American football players should take some pro tips from this guy. The NFL would be fun to watch again.

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