Video: Drew Brees is a super nerd in the new Xbox ad

You all know of that one studious kid that asks 400 questions within an hour-long class period, right? This person is the one you can expect to raise their hand at least ten times within the first twenty minutes of class and proceed to ask five questions with each hand raise.

In the new Xbox ad shared by USA TODAY’s For the Win, NFL superstars Clay Matthews, Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, and Drew Brees are all in an auditorium-style college classroom. The ad talks about the Xbox and how you can get fantasy alerts while watching the game.

Brees played that nerd.

While this may not be exactly what a class with these guys is like, it described their personalities pretty well.

Brees is a student of the game and strives to be better all the time. Matthews is real laid back, but knows exactly what he needs to do to get the job done on Sundays. Sherman is easily one the more intelligent players in the League today, but is also very outspoken. And Lynch just goes with the flow, while not making himself the center of attention.

Job well done, Xbox.

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