Watch the final ‘East/West Bowl’ introductions from ‘Key & Peele’

On Wednesday night, one of the hottest comedy sketch shows of the last few years ended. “Key & Peele”, hosted by real-life best friends Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele, ended its run on Comedy Central after five seasons.

The pair announced that the show would end after this season because they both wanted to focus on larger projects as they have both gained notoriety throughout Hollywood for their comedic improv skills. On the series finale, the two debuted the final edition of one of their most popular sketches: the “East/West Bowl” introductions.

If you don’t know about this, I will give you a little background. The two were discussing some of the craziest names in the NFL one episode, – like D’Brickashaw Ferguson – which translated into them making up some of the craziest names possible for college football players and acting them out as if they are going to be playing in the game.

Fast forward to last night. This was the fourth “annual” East?West Bowl that the pair had put on and they did not disappoint. USA TODAY’s For the Win had the video.

Of course, one of their staples in this sketch was having a white guy with a relatively plain name. Take for example last night’s episode, which featured “Dan Smith” from BYU. Ultimate white dude right there.

This show had a good run for the last five years and both Key and Peele have said that there is a possibility of them getting back together for another run or maybe even a movie. That would be amazing.

Until then, thanks for a great five years.

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