Video: Mike Leach has an interesting solution to ‘Deflategate’

Washington State head coach Mike Leach has never been shy about speaking his mind on multiple things. Whether it be about the playoff format of the national championship or the NCAA transfer rules, he is always one to let his opinions be known.

Leach’s latest speech was about the “Deflategate” scandal that has run rampant all over the NFL for the last eight months. He believes that the entire situation is pretty ridiculous and he said that people making a big deal about it is from people just wanting to blow something so small completely out of proportion.

The most interesting thing he said was that he thinks NFL teams should just give all teams empty balls and allow them to fill them up to their own preference.

“What I think they ought to do is give each team empty balls. Just give them all empty regulation NFL footballs and then you fill them however you want.”

He then went on to say that many quarterbacks have s certain preference. Kickers also have a certain preference too.

The only thing that makes this a bad idea is because of one word that Leach used: “Regulation.” If every NFL team gets to fill ten different balls with how much ever air they see fit, then there is no more “regulation” size.

A deflated ball gives quarterbacks the opportunity to throw better touch passes, giving them an unfair advantage. Tighter and fuller balls gives teams an advantage in kicking. So basically, Leach, the offensive guru, wants to give NFL offenses every possible advantage.

Just another thing I disagree with Leach about. Go figure.

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