Nick Young discusses his nickname & wanting to take swag to the moon

Campus Sports recently caught up with Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young — who was accompanied by his son — out in L.A. to discuss a number of topics ranging from his unique nickname, “Swaggy P,” to the rivalry between the cities two NBA teams.

Young was candid as always and dropped some incredible soundbites when discussing his rivals, along with sharing what his profession would be if he was not a basketball player.

First, how did the unique nickname come to be?

Young won’t say that he nicknamed himself. Instead, he considers the Swaggy P moniker to be a godsend.

“It was heaven sent. I just had a dream, woke up and started calling myself Swaggy P,” Young said. “I didn’t really give it [to myself]. It was like an angel came and told me.”

Young was also very open about the Lakers-Clippers rivalry, while saying that he views the other L.A. team to be more of a “little brother” to Los Angeles’ little brother.

“Lakers, they won a lot of championships. I consider us to be like the big brothers,” Young stated. “The little brothers always trying to come through. They a little more hip hop, more flashy — maybe having a concert at halftime. They trying to do they thing; break out of the shadow.”

As for what Young would be if he wasn’t a basketball player? Well, he said he’d like to be an astronaut, because “Swaggy needs to get on the moon” so he can swag out.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports