Ben Roethlisberger: Steelers will keep going for two-point conversions

Earlier this year, the NFL announced that it would be moving the extra point back from the two-yard line to the fifteen, making the point after try a 33-yard field goal as opposed to a 20-yard try. This was thought to eliminate the notion that the extra point was “automatic”, which it has.

The two-point conversion line, however, was not moved from the two-yard line, causing an interesting dilemma with some teams in the league. While most teams are opting to go for the kick, since a 33-yard field goal is within most kickers’ range, there is one team that has decided to go the latter option.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are currently 3-3 on two-point conversion tries this season. Last week against the San Francisco 49ers, they opened up a 16-3 after converting both two-point tries on their first two touchdowns.

According to ESPN, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has spoken out and said that his team is going to continue to go for two this season. He says that the team is not afraid to keep going for two as they practice that scenario a lot at practice.

“Oh, we’re going to keep doing it,” Roethlisberger said. “We don’t practice it this much to not do it. We practice it every single day. … I tried to tell you guys early on that we would do it, and I think you guys kind of didn’t quite believe it. But it’s something we feel comfortable with.”

To prove that the extra point is no longer “automatic”, kickers have missed nine extra points through two games. In 2014, kickers missed eight for the entire season. To back up Roethlisberger’s claims, Steeler kicker Josh Scobee missed the extra point try on the team’s next touchdown in the team’s 43-18 win on Sunday.

Talk about irony.

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