Video: Guys from ‘Dude Perfect’ have amazing Slip N’ Slide football battle

There are two things that a lot of people love to do during the summer months: play football and have a good time on a Slip N’ Slide. While the weather is beginning to take a turn for the worst in many parts of the United States, there are still some warm days left before everything goes to absolute crap.

So why not take the chance to combine football and Slip N’ Slide for some of the most dangerously awesome fun you can ever have? The guys from Dude Perfect did just that and it is amazing to watch.

Aside from it looking like one of the guys getting concussion during the “Slip N’ Kick” event, this looked amazing. Luckily for these guys, they live in Texas and the weather will be good enough to do this up until Christmas Day.

For the rest of the country, you may want to go grab a tarp, some Johnson & Johnson, and as many cases of Bud Light you can carry because this looks like a great time and everything is better with beer.

[H/T: BroBible]

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