Video: Former ECW star Tommy Dreamer critiques Bills fans’ wrestling moves

It’s no surprise that the Buffalo Bills fans have been having a lot of fun this year, especially during their tailgate parties. Whether it’s hitting your friend with an RKO out the bed of a truck or chokeslamming Santa Claus through a table, they have been entertaining us all season long.

Sadly, the Bills didn’t make the playoffs and fans won’t be able to do this before games until next year.

Former ECW World Champion Tommy Dreamer knows all about being put through tables. He went by the moniker of “Innovator of Hardcore” during his heyday with Extreme Championship Wrestling, so he joined Katie Nolan on the latest episode of “Garbage Time” to critique the #BillsMafia attempts at wrestling moves.

If you don’t think Dreamer is a legitimate enough wrestler to be critiquing the Bills faithful, check this out.

Or maybe even this.

Yeah, I don’t think anyone is going to doubt Dreamer’s knowledge of hardcore wrestling. Maybe he could attend a tailgate party next season and show the Bills fans how it’s really done.

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