New NCAA proposal could end satellite camps

For some time now, many conferences have opposed teams having spring and summer camps off-campus. It’s been a pretty big fight for these schools to continue to have these camps and it looks like it could be coming to an end pretty soon.

On Tuesday, the NCAA revealed 12 new proposals that could make big changes for the world of college football. One of those proposals is Proposal 2015-51-FBS, which is expected to pass, that eliminates the ban of electronic communication between coaches and recruits.

Another big recruiting factor that could be affected is satellite camps.

From ESPN:

“– Proposal 2015-59-FBS, brought forward by the ACC, would limit an institution’s summer camps to on-campus or at facilities “regularly used by the program.” If this passes, it would mean the end of satellite camps. These camps have been a hot-button issue in the 2016 recruiting cycle, especially after Michigan’s “Summer Swarm” tour last June that saw the Wolverines hold camps in talent-rich cities like Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and Indianapolis. The Wolverines aren’t the only school that used satellite camps to their advantage, but when Jim Harbaugh angered a number of ACC and SEC coaches, the topic became national news.”

This could be a huge change in the world of college football. Stay with Campus Sports for the latest information on this proposal.

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