Video: Kid nails twin brother with sucker punch before wrestling match

Most of the time, opponents in events like amateur mat wrestling, MMA, and boxing will show off their respect to one another by shaking hands or touching gloves before the opening bell. Unless the two opponents absolutely hate each other, you will usually see the respect between them.

It’s a little different when the two opponents are seven years old and twin brothers. All siblings that close in age have a rivalry, but more so in twins, who are in constant competition with each other until about 16 or 17 and sometimes even after that.

So what happens when two brothers go to meet on the wrestling mat? Of course, one takes a cheap shot and punches his brother in the stomach.

Even Conor McGregor would be impressed with that right hook.

The one brother clearly hit the other in the stomach, but the victim certainly does a good sell job as if he had been hit where no man, young or old, ever wants to be hit.

It looks like these two have a future in combat sports. One in the MMA and the other in WWE.

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