Video: Broncos fan tips over porta-potty with Patriots fan inside

Porta-potties are pretty nasty. You will find them at large outdoor concerts, festivals, or sporting events. People don’t like to admit that they use them, but sometimes, there is no other choice.

One New England Patriots fan was just minding his own business and doing his “business” ahead of his team’s loss in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday when a Denver Broncos fan did one of the crappiest, pun intended, things you can do to someone. He tipped the porta-potty over and you can probably imagine what happened next, even if you don’t want to.

I sometimes can’t stand Patriots fans, but I have to feel bad for this one. This fan likely didn’t get the chance to see his team lose in the game later that day.

For the sake of the fans sitting around him, I just hope he cut his losses, went back to the hotel, showered, and drowned his sorrows in the local Buffalo Wild Wings.

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