Video: Roy Williams goes on rant about ESPN’s ‘Green Room Guys’

Apparently, North Carolina head coach Roy Williams isn’t too much of a fan of ESPN’s “Green Room Guys”, a term analysts have began using to describe players around the country that will likely be invited to this year’s NBA Draft.

Commentators have started using this term during broadcasts of games and analysts have used #GreenRoomGuys all season long. At his press conference on Friday, Williams went on a rant about the term and he was not very happy about it.

You can watch the full conference below, but his comments begin around the 12-minute mark.

Andrew Carter of the News & Observer transcribed part of his rant.

“I think ESPN is (an ACC) partner, and I’ve got to watch on TV where somebody’s college basketball game and they’re talking about the freaking green room? That’s the most ridiculous thing. And that’s one of my partners? That’s half the damn broadcast: ‘Well, so-and-so’s in the green room.’

“And this is a great time for me to be saying something about it. Because they ain’t mentioning any of my guys, OK. But God almighty, you’re sitting there, you’re trying to win championships, and here it is, January, and ESPN’s talking about some green room and some Chad Ford or who it is and his (draft projections) – that’s the most ridiculous thing we’re having to put up with in college basketball.”

You can’t really blame Williams for being upset about this. ESPN and other organizations begin talking about draft projections for both the NBA and NFL before the collegiate seasons even begin and that can be a distraction for the players, who watch “SportsCenter” whenever they aren’t in class, at practice, or playing a game.

The Tar Heels are on top of the ACC and are ranked No. 2 in the country.

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