NCAA to review possible changes to targeting rules

One of the most controversial and criticized rules in the NCAA today is the targeting rule. It is a rule that has changed the way some players tackle and has affected some big-time games throughout the last few years.

The NCAA has already changed it to where the hit can be reviewed and the 15-yard penalty can be taken away if the play is ruled to be a legal hit. It looks like the NCAA is looking into a possible change to the rule for the 2016 season as well.

According to College Football Talk, the NCAA will discuss the possibility of a change to the rule at its annual meetings in Orlando this year. The rule would be that a replay official would call targeting penalties from the press box that on-field officials might have missed.

This could become a very dicey rule change and certainly would draw the ire of many college football fans. Not only could it lead to controversial calls, but it would slow down the pace of the game drastically, causing more fans to tune out.

What do you think, fans? Should the targeting rule be changed, done away with, or kept the way it is now?

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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