Gators drinking Gatorade out of Powerade bottles

Sometimes, corporate sponsors can really be a pain. The Florida Gators women’s team just found that out as they are competing in the Women’s NCAA Tournament and aren’t able to drink Gatorade out of the bottles provided to them by the company.

Gatorade, the most popular sports drink today, was invented at the University of Florida and you will be hard-pressed to see any other sports drink on the Gainesville campus. However, since Powerade is a sponsor of the NCAA, the team has to fill Powerade bottles with their favorite sports drink.

Due to NCAA sponsorships, Florida has had to place an asterisk on Powerade bottles that actually contain Gatorade.

— Paul Schwedelson (@pschweds) March 17, 2016

That’s right. Those Powerade bottles are filled with Gatorade. Talk about dedication to the the craft.

That Gators have always been known for drinking Gatorade and it doesn’t look like they are going to let a few rules stop them from doing so in the NCAA Tournament.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports