NFL creating a standard for players’ gloves?

Over the past decade or so, football gloves have changed the way the game is played. Some believe that these gloves may even need to be inspected further into the future, which has led to the NFL possibly creating a standard for player’s gloves into the future.

Of the nearly 20 proposed rule changes, the NFL may be looking into changing gloves for players into the 2016 season.

“There are no standards right now,” NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent said during Thursday’s conference call. “We have been working with our partners — Under Armour, Nike — to see how we could adjust and have some minimum standards. The challenge is the tackiness, and the gloves now are so tacky that it’s taking away from the true skill level. So we have been working with our manufactures and partners, Virginia Tech, in trying to create a standard in all protective equipment and in particular the gloves. So that frankly is a work in progress because there is no standards in the industry and it appears that we have to create one.”

Many have raised concerns about the gloves, saying that they give some players an unfair advantage on the field. One of those people is former NFL head coach and color commentator, John Madden.

“No one looks at those gloves,” Madden told the Los Angeles Times. “I saw them when I was at a meeting in Indy. They passed them around and somebody made the comment that, ‘Pretty soon, these gloves are going to be able to catch a ball without a hand in them.’”

I cant really blame the NFL for wanting to look into these gloves. They have made the game somewhat easier over the last few years and it is about time they look into creating some sort of standard.

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