Video: Hockey fan makes 115-foot shot, wins $100,000

Fans go to sporting events with the intention of just watching their favorite team play and having a great time doing it. Sometimes, these fans get to be involved at halftime and one lucky hockey fan made the shot of his lifetime.

The Orlando Solar Bears, a semi-professional hockey team in the East Coast Hockey League, hosted a contest where one fan attempted a full-rink shot from 115 feet out. If the fan makes the shot, he wins $100,000 and that is exactly what happened last night.

That feeling when you take a shot for $100,000….and you make it 🏒🚨😱🙌🎉 #Unreal #SolarBears

— Orlando Solar Bears (@OrlandoHockey) April 8, 2016

What makes this even better is the fact that this was the first time the Solar Bears had ever hosted this contest. I guess that is the risk you take in these situations.

This is almost reminiscent of the “Moon Shot” scene from the Will Ferrell classic “Semi Pro.” However, I am pretty sure this fan will actually walk away with the money and not just a big check that says $100,000 on it.

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