Video: Hockey fan makes 115-foot shot, wins $100,000


Fans go to sporting events with the intention of just watching their favorite team play and having a great time doing it. Sometimes, these fans get to be involved at halftime and one lucky hockey fan made the shot of his lifetime.

The Orlando Solar Bears, a semi-professional hockey team in the East Coast Hockey League, hosted a contest where one fan attempted a full-rink shot from 115 feet out. If the fan makes the shot, he wins $100,000 and that is exactly what happened last night.

What makes this even better is the fact that this was the first time the Solar Bears had ever hosted this contest. I guess that is the risk you take in these situations.

This is almost reminiscent of the “Moon Shot” scene from the Will Ferrell classic “Semi Pro.” However, I am pretty sure this fan will actually walk away with the money and not just a big check that says $100,000 on it.

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