Video: Nuggets hold hilarious ‘Lion King Cam’

The Kiss Cam is a classic event to happen between timeouts or television breaks at any live sporting event. However, some teams have gotten creative as of late, introducing the “Lion King Cam.”

“The Lion King” is easily the most popular kids’ movie from the 1990s and wasn’t matched in its popularity until the 2013 smash hit “Frozen.” The most iconic scene from that movie is when Rafiki holds up newborn lion cub Simba to a crowd of Savannah animals praising their future king.

That scene has inspired dads who grew up watching the film to hoist their children towards the sky for years now. It has led to the Carolina Hurricanes, Atlanta Braves, and now the Denver Nuggets to hold a “Lion King Cam” in place of the Kiss Cam.

I mean, what is better than exploiting your child in front a crowd of large people with “Circle of Life” blasting throughout the arena? This is absolutely amazing and it almost has to become the normal thing to do for every sporting event in the United States.

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