Gay coach pleads with North Carolina coaches to opposes anti-LGBT bill

One of the biggest controversies across the country right now is a bill that has been introduced in many southern states that has been tabbed as anti-LGBT. This is the “Religious Liberty” bill and it can be seen as discriminatory against homosexual people and same-sex couples.

Georgia has already turned down the bill, while the state of Mississippi passed it and took it to the next level. However, North Carolina is still on the fence about turning it down or passing it as law and not too many people are happy about it.

One coach even decided to write an open letter, mainly directed towards North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams, Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski and North Carolina State basketball coach Mark Gottfried.

The coach, Anthony Nicodemo, is the head coach at Saunders High School in Yonkers, New York and is openly gay.

He wrote the letter, which was published in full on SB Nation, pleading to the coaches to oppose the bill. You can read an excerpt from the letter below.

“In 2016 a great injustice to the LGBT community is being done in North Carolina, Mississippi and I’m sure other states in the near future. Transgender people can no longer safely use restrooms and locker rooms. Gay couples might be asked to leave a restaurant because of their sexual orientation. Please understand that Governor McCrory’s executive order changes very little. This is a law that must be repealed and directly violates the civil rights of human beings.”

Nicodemo went on to talk about how the state loves its basketball and hope that, with the help of the three coaches, the bill would get turned down.

“The state of North Carolina loves its basketball. You three men carry as much weight as anyone in the state. Because of this I implore you to speak out and let state leaders know how much their actions are hurting an entire community.

“Coach K, I can’t tell you how powerful it was to closeted athletes everywhere when you voiced your support for now-openly gay college coach Chris Burns. Saying that you would embrace an openly gay player speaks volumes and gives thousands of kids hope.”

This has been a huge issue for a large part of 2016. There is no telling where the North Carolina legislature will go, but it certainly seems like Nicodemo needs the coaches’ help to turn it down.

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