5 Angriest College Football Fan Bases

For many schools, college sports are a serious event with a lot of tradition wrapped up in it. But who truly has the angriest fan base? CBS Sports’ Tom Fornelli’s examined the topic and provided his top five choices.

1. Texas A&M

The home of the notorious Johnny Football ranks first on the list. Aggie fans are an interesting bunch with a fierce hatred of the UT Longhorns, and tend to show it in a more passive-aggressive manner. There is nothing an Aggie fan loves more than to talk trash about their rival Longhorns, while claiming that they could care less about UT. Makes perfect sense…right?

2. University of Miami

The University of Miami makes second on Fornelli’s list. When the Hurricanes were winning, the fan base was pretty content. But Canes  fans have gone through a tough last few seasons, finishing with a less-than-impressive record each time. Miami fans have gotten quite bitter about this. So bitter, in fact, that the supposed fans hardly show up to their own home games anymore.

3. University of Louisville

The Louisville Cardinals’ extreme pettiness earns them a spot at number 3 on Fornelli’s list. Fornelli claims to be “fond of Louisville Football”, but did make a few innocent jokes about the team. Fans “jumped into” Fornelli’s mentions,  calling him names that he “isn’t allowed to print” on the website. Tough crowd, Louisville.

4. Pennsylvania State University

The Nittany Lions have been involved in a number of scandals, and it’s taken a toll. At a time, anything that fans even perceived as a small insult was grounds for a major argument. Though tensions aren’t as strong as they used to be, the students of the “Happy Valley” aren’t too happy after all.

5. Mississippi State University

Mississippi ranks 5th on Fornelli’s list of the angriest college fan bases. Unlike the Aggie fan base, there’s nothing passive-aggressive about a Bulldogs fan. They’re quick to anger… especially if you mention their rival, Ole Miss. A kind word about Ole Miss is instantly perceived as a jab at MSU. But considering the fact that the school was ranked as one of the most disrespected in the country, this is understandable.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports