Stephen A. Smith annihilates Curt Schilling, challenges him to debate

Former MLB pitcher and fired ESPN analyst turned outspoken right-wing conservative Curt Schilling is often criticized for the insensitive and radical posts he shares on social media.

Since being fired, Schilling has his own account of why he was let go, but his former colleague Stephen A. Smith isn’t buying it.

In fact, Stephen A. Smith took to SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio show on Monday to absolutely ether Schilling with a remarkable rant. Smith blasted Schilling for repeatedly ignoring his employer’s request, while challenging him to a debate about the firing.

“You (Schilling) want to sit here and have a debate about what really went on?” an indignant SAS asked. “Name the time and place and I’ll show up, with the permission of ESPN — of course. I guess listening to my boss makes me a bad guy. Well guess what? I’d rather be bad than stupid,” Smith said, via the New York Daily News.

“I can’t stand people who worked for ESPN that depart from ESPN clearly harboring whatever bitterness they harbor and try to throw talent under the bus — like talent has something to do with them being gone. I have nothing to do with it.”

“Let me speak up on behalf of ESPN when I say this to Curt Schilling: …You are gone not because you have conservative views instead of liberal views. Your ass is gone because you did not want to listen,” Smith said on SXM. “ESPN tells me to shut-up, they’re my employer whether I like it or not. If I want to keep my job, I’ve got to shut the hell up.”

Ouch, score one for one of ESPN’s “kings of debate.”

Smith was clearly just defending his employer while knocking a man who very few people side with, but it will be interesting to see if ESPN reacts to the comments. Regardless, we’d love to see Smith and Schilling come face-to-face to battle out their differences. Now that’s a morning debate show we’d like to see.

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