Top 10 highest paid athletes in the world

The sports world is littered with stars that transcend their sports and rake in millions of endorsement deals as a result. The athletes who are able to benefit from endorsements are able to maximize their earnings year in and year out.

But just how much money are the top athletes earning?

On Tuesday, Forbes released a list of the top ten highest-paid athletes in the world.

There were only representatives from two American sports leagues on the list — the NBA and NFL — while the rest of the top earners come from individual sports with worldwide popularity like golf, tennis and soccer.

From bright young stars like Jordan Spieth to trust veterans like Roger Federer and Kobe Bryant, there are a number of familiar names to make the list.

Who are the lucky athletes who rake in more cash than their peers? Let’s take a look at the top earners in the sports world. 

Dolphins showing little interest in RB Arian Foster
Dolphins showing little interest in RB Arian Foster