Video: Former WWE star Batista teaches Chris Pratt a correct powerbomb

Dave Bautista’s professional wrestling career may be on the shelf for now, but that doesn’t mean he forgot how to do all his old moves. It looks like he is trying to give some advice to actor and co-star Chris Pratt for the unlikely possibility of him ever getting into a WWE ring.

Bautista, who went simply by the name Batista during his career in WWE,  was teaching his “Guardians of the Galaxy” co-star to perform his finishing move the Batista Bomb, a sit-out powerbomb, on his wife, Anna Faris.

She said that she was getting some advice for his backup plan if her acting career ever went under.


Now that they have executed how to get the move started, maybe we can see Pratt execute one of the more exciting moves in recent WWE history. If you want to see just how impactful it was, check it out below.

Yeah, I don’t think Faris would actually allow her husband to do that. At least Starlord seems to have another move added to his repertoire.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to WWE

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