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Joe Flacco death report is a hoax


No need to worry, Baltimore Ravens fans. Star quarterback Joe Flacco is alive, with no ailments to speak of other than the ACL injury he’s completing recovery from.

Wednesday night, a highly followed Baltimore Ravens fan account released a tweet claiming that Flacco had passed away after being involved in a car crash. No word came from the verified team account, nor any other official sports accounts.

This didn’t stop the tweet, that stayed live for an entire hour, from fooling several members of the fan base though.

The bogus tweet was eventually taken down, and the Twitter account that was responsible for it claimed that they had been hacked. They also confirmed the obvious – that Flacco is still indeed alive.



The quarterback himself took to Twitter this morning to make light of the whole incident, tweeting a Game of Thrones scene of Jon Snow coming back to life.

This certainly isn’t the first time that the Internet has killed a celebrity – just ask Drake Bell, Bill Cosby, Roger Goodell – the list goes on.

More than likely, this was just a simple stunt pulled by a fan account in effort to get more attention.

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Photo Credit: Instagram/@teamflacco


  1. Roger Goodell and Art Rooney II want this article “permanently removed” from the internet. agsaf.org/roger-goodells-twitter-death-hoax

    Apparently, neither of them are familiar with sophisticated technology… like copy and paste.


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