Entire Penn State football staff receives new two-year contacts

It was a good week to be a member of the Penn State football staff. While speaking to reporters this week, Nittany Lions head coach James Franklin revealed that his entire staff has received new two-year deals.

And when Franklin said the entire staff, he meant it.

Everyone from the top down was on the receiving end of the new deals that will hopefully bring some consistency to the staff.

“Our entire staff just this summer got (two)-year contracts,” Franklin said, according to the Times Leader. “All of the assistants, their first contracts just ran out. And they all just signed multiple-year, guaranteed contracts. All the strength coaches did. All the administrators. Everybody.

“That’s really good from a stability standpoint. It’s helpful, and what we did is, it’s both ways. They have the stability and protections, but we have buyouts as well.”

No financial details of the new deals were revealed.

The move to lock up every member of the staff comes after two key assistants — defensive coordinator Bob Shoop and offensive line coach Herb Hand — left for jobs in the SEC earlier this year.

Hopefully, the new contracts will allow Penn State to move forward a cohesive unit leading the program.