WWE star Heath Slater shares picture of nasty cut that required 18 stitches

If you are one of those people that call professional wrestling fake, I beg you to read on with this story, unless you don’t like blood of course. During Saturday night’s live event in Bangor, Maine, Heath Slater suffered a nasty cut above his right eye that bled profusely and cause his match against Titus O’Neil to get cut short.

He was taken to the back, where he had to receive 18 stitches on the laceration. Slater shared a photo of the cut that caused the early stoppage to his match and let everyone know that what they do “isn’t ballet.”

WWE reported on his injury in the match with a company doctor reporting that his cut was right down to the bone.

“Heath Slater was injured Saturday night when a gash developed over his right eye during a match with Titus O’Neil at a WWE Live Event in Bangor, Maine. The match was stopped and O’Neil was declared the winner.

WWE ringside physician Dr. Stephen Daquino was on-site and relayed the following to WWE.com:

“‘Heath has a six centimeter laceration above his right eye. It was quite open, right down to the bone. He got 18 sutures and hopefully that will close it up.'”

Hopefully Slater gets healthy in time for the WWE Draft next week. He is a tough superstar and it looks like he will make a full recovery.

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