Video: Max Kellerman blasts ‘hypocritical’ NFL in ‘First Take’ debut

The new era of ESPN’s “First Take” kicked off with a bang on Tuesday, when new host Max Kellerman came out guns blazing with a blistering attack directed at the “hypocritical” National Football League.

Kellerman took shots at the NFL after the league announced it will be investigating a leaked video online which appears to show Aldon Smith smoking marijuana.

The NFL’s willingness to aggressively go after marijuana users was what led to Kellerman calling out the league for choosing which substances it focuses on going after.

“Why is the NFL testing for marijuana at all? Why? That’s a choice they’re making. This is a league that is in bed with companies that peddle alcohol. They’re sponsored, they take money from companies that say ‘here, drink this.’ In any objective study ever done, the effects of alcohol — certainly, the societal effects — are objectively always worse than marijuana,” Kellerman said, via For The Win. “If the threshold is alcohol, why is the NFL choosing to test for marijuana?

“The fact that the NFL chooses to do that is, at the very least, hypocritical. They don’t have to make that choice, they don’t have to do that, they choose to.”

There has been plenty of discussion in recent months with players speaking out on the benefits of medical marijuana and countless other voices in the sport saying the league needs to re-evaluate its stance on the drug.

Then, you have people like Max Kellerman, who aren’t afraid to tell us how they really feel.

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