USA handball coach: LeBron James could be best player in world in 6 months

LeBron James is the best basketball player — and arguably the best athlete — in the world, but one coach for an international sports team believes James could also have a future in a different sport if he chose to pursue it.

Team USA handball coach Javier Garcia-Cuesta spoke with the media during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when he shared his belief that LeBron could use his athleticism to become the best handball player in the world.

Not only does Garcia-Cuesta believe the reigning NBA Finals MVP could be the handball G.O.A.T., he believes it would take James just six months to reach the highest level.

“Maybe six months,” Garcia-Cuesta said, via the Washington Post. “This is just a hypothetical. He has everything. When you see him playing, your mouth drops.”

That thought was quickly echoed by players around the world.

“We always talk about it: If the Americans really wanted to play handball, they would be amazing,” Denmark center back Morten Olsen said. “They have so many good athletes, and really big, strong athletes. It would be a big problem. Playing against LeBron James, that would be hard.”

Could LeBron become the best handball player in the world? Very possibly.

And after missing the last five Olympics in handball, I’m sure the USA wouldn’t mind the boost.

However, the chances of James attempting to reach the Olympics in handball after his NBA career comes to an end is about as likely as Tim Tebow landing a starting role on an MLB team. But hey, they say anything can happen, right?

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Photo Credit: LeBron James, Twitter

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