Olympic diving pool closed, green water ‘smells like a fart’

One of the most bizarre stories to surface during the opening days of the 2016 Rio Olympics is the green water that magically appeared inside of one of the pools.

After the competitions began, the diving pool turned a green color and no one had any idea why.

Now, here we are a few days later, and Olympic officials have been forced to close the diving pool.

Some say a sudden change in alkalinity was to blame for the change.

The good news is that it doesn’t appear that anything too bad was in the water, but the mishandling of the water has led to at least a couple of competitors noting issues with their eyes.

It’s good that there seem to be no serious medical issues, but there is one very strong negative to come from the entire situation.

Not only is the pool closed, one of the divers said the entire building “smells like a fart.”


Let’s hope they get this issue cleared up for the health and safety of everyone in Rio and their noses.

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Photo Credit: Tom Daley, Twitter

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