Arizona State bans tortillas from stadium ahead of Texas Tech game

There are a number of things you cannot take with you to a sporting event, but the Arizona State athletic department has an especially bizarre ban at Sun Devil Stadium.

Red Raider Outfitter shared a list of prohibited items at Sun Devil Stadium ahead of Saturday’s meeting between Arizona State and Texas Tech, when they noticed that — of all things — tortillas have been banned.

Wait a second…

Sure, we can understand a ban on weapons, alcoholic beverages and other large items that could block another patron’s point of view, but what harm is a tortilla shell going to do? If you ask me, they’re practical and create less of a mess. Why wouldn’t you want your customers bringing their own edible plates?

Get it together, Arizona State.

Something tells us this guy may be behind the tortilla ban at Sun Devil Stadium…

There is also the Texas Tech tortilla toss tradition. Yes, that is a real thing. So Arizona State is one step ahead of the game.

Arizona State and Texas Tech are set to kick off Saturday, Sept. at 10 p.m. ET on FOX Sports 1.

UPDATE: Apparently the tortilla ban has been in placed for quite some time and no one knows the real origin of the tortilla toss. Let’s just be happy Arizona State is being proactive in preventing food waste.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Arizona State students have hurled the tortillas toward the field during games. It’s a tradition that apparently has no real origin, although some reports suggest a mascot started the trend. Other reports point out it was a tradition at University of Arizona graduation ceremonies as well as at Texas Tech games after a Texas A&M player said Tech was only good at making tortillas.

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