Harambe shot glasses are the thing you didn’t know you needed in your life

We all remember Harambe, the lovable gorilla that captured the heart of the nation after he was savagely gunned down at the Cincinnati Zoo. Since then, Harambe has become THE internet meme.

Regardless of the activity, people have been dedicating their every action to Harambe, even going as far as to rock out with their, well, you know whats out.

Now, you can honor the nation’s favorite furry friend while you’re getting wasted in your dorm.

Like every legend before him, Harambe has been honored with some incredible shot glasses which include the best tag line you have ever read: “Take a shot for Harambe, because he took a shot for you.”

Yeah, this is the one thing that no one knew they needed in their life.

If you’re eager to guzzle down some liquor while honoring the fallen king of the gorilla world, you have three options:

  • 1 Shot Glass – for the solo ape
  • 2 Shot Glasses – remember our fallen with your closest pal
  • 4 Shot Glasses – for Alpha males looking to throw one back with the squad!

Get to ordering! Bottoms up, and never forget.


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