Video: Mike Leach rips his own team, Washington State, in epic rant

Washington State head coach Mike Leach is very unhappy with his team, following an 0-2 start to the season after dropping each of the first two games by three-points.

Following the most recent loss to Boise State, a fed up Leach walked to the podium and delivered an epic rant that trashed his team and, for some reason, the core values of America.

It was quite the sight to see.

Leach called his program a “JV football team,” criticized the players for running out of bounds more than anyone in the country, ripped his wide receivers for running routes they simply make up and the fact that Little League trophies are contaminating America.

Seriously, it was brilliant.

You can check out some of the highlights in the video below, along with some of the best quotes as transcribed by FOX Sports.

“Right now, we have the atmosphere of a JC softball game. That’s what we are, a JC softball team. It’s not whether you win or lose — the team that wins is the one that has the most fun — crap like that, all this stuff that’s contaminated America where they give every kid a trophy and they don’t keep score in Little League anymore.

“It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s the team that has the most fun. All the crap like that. All the stuff that’s contaminated America where they give everyone a trophy and don’t keep score in little league anymore.

“I’ve got receivers running routes that don’t even resemble anything we teach. We don’t tuck the ball and go straight upfield, we do all these stupid moves. We run out of bounds more than any team in the country. We’re the easiest team in the country to tackle. Defensively, we don’t run our feet on contact. We don’t on offense either. We don’t like to run and hit, and this is a game for running and hitting.”

The Cougars return to the field this weekend when they look for the first win of the year against visiting Idaho. If Washington State can’t get a win over the Vandals, we can’t wait to see what Leach has to say next.

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Photo Credit: Washington State Athletics

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