Cowboys named NFL’s most valuable team

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most popular teams in the NFL today. Dubbed America’s Team, the Cowboys are the team with one of the richest traditions and now they have once again been named the most valuable monetary wise.

Forbes released their annual list of valuations for NFL teams on Wednesday and the Cowboys topped the list at $4.2 billion, which shouldn’t come as a surprise with Jerry’s World being as successful as it is. The real surprise of this year’s list, however, is the Los Angeles Rams, who saw their valuation double to $2.9 billion since their move back to California and they could reach $4 billion soon.

The Oakland Raiders, who could be on the move to Las Vegas, and San Diego Chargers, who could possibly join the Rams in Los Angeles, are both up 47 and 37 percent respectively. So it seems that relocation is certainly a good thing.

Here are the full rankings from this year’s list:

  1. Dallas Cowboys – $4.2B
  2. New England Patriots – $3.4B
  3. New York Giants – $3.1B
  4. San Francisco 49ers – $3B
  5. Washington Redskins – $2.95B
  6. Los Angeles Rams – $2.9B
  7. New York Jets – $2.75B
  8. Chicago Bears – $2.7B
  9. Houston Texans – $2.6B
  10. Philadelphia Eagles – $2.5B
  11. Denver Broncos – $2.4B
  12. Miami Dolphins – $2.38B
  13. Green Bay Packers – $2.35B
  14. Baltimore Ravens – $2.3B
  15. Pittsburgh Steelers – $2.25B
  16. Seattle Seahawks – $2.23B
  17. Minnesota Vikings – $2.2B
  18. Indianapolis Colts – $2.18B
  19. Atlanta Falcons – $2.13B
  20. Oakland Raiders – $2.1B
  21. San Diego Chargers – $2.08B
  22. Carolina Panthers – $2.075B
  23. Arizona Cardinals – $2.03B
  24. Tennessee Titans – $2B
  25. Jacksonville Jaguars – $1.95B
  26. Kansas City Chiefs – $1.88B
  27. Cleveland Browns – $1.85B
  28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – $1.8B
  29. New Orleans Saints – $1.75B
  30. Cincinnati Bengals – $1.68B
  31. Detroit Lions – $1.65B
  32. Buffalo Bills – $1.5B

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