UNC’s Allen Artis turns himself in for sexual battery and assault

UNC football player Allen Artis has turned himself in to authorities. The development comes less than 24 hours after a female student at North Carolina came forward with allegations that she was raped by Artis in February.

When the rape allegations came to light, Artis was indefinitely suspended from the program.

On Wednesday, an arrest warrant for sexual battery and assault was issued for Artis. He later turned himself in, according to the Associated Press.

From the report:

The arrest warrant stated Artis had sex with the woman against her will when he “should have reasonably known that the other person was mentally incapacitated and physically helpless.”

The woman, Delaney Robinson, said Tuesday she had become intoxicated after being out with friends and was unable to consent. The Associated Press typically doesn’t identify alleged victims of sexual assault, but Robinson held a news conference, saying she had filed for the misdemeanor charges after police and prosecutors indicated there wasn’t enough evidence to pursue felony charges.

There were troubling details in Robinson’s initial statement.

Robinson claimed the university did nothing about the incident and even treated her like a suspect at times. Robinson even detailed recordings she heard with Artis and authorities joking about the sexual assault before telling him not to worry about it and to keep focusing on football.

Artis is scheduled to make his first court appearance Wednesday afternoon.

There is no word on whether the district attorney will choose to prosecute Artis in the matter.

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