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Oregon Duck pulls truck in response to Florida’s jab at Tennessee


“Have you ever seen a duck pull a truck?”

Earlier this week Florida Gators DB Quincy Wilson posed this question as a slight towards the Tennessee Volunteers in anticipation of their rivalry matchup this weekend. While the initial statement had nothing to do with the Oregon Ducks, that didn’t stop them from getting in on the action.

However, they didn’t respond with verbal barbs, but rather with the most exciting event in the Worlds Strongest Man competition:

No doubt, Wilson’s analogy was a strange one. But you have to love his confidence. A rivalry that may have begun to lose its luster in the preceding years, this may inject a little life into it. The Gators have beaten the Volunteers 11 consecutive years, and Wilson has gone on record as guaranteeing a 12th.

He also referred to the University of Florida as “DBU”, an acronym which stands for “defensive back university”, but sounds more like a driving infraction that would net you a suspension for violation of team rules.

One thing is certain, Wilson, and the rest of the Gators squad, better bring it on Saturday, or they might end up being the ducks.

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    Michael is originally from Miami, FL and is of Cuban descent. He holds BFA from the University of Florida/New World School of the Arts and is also a New York city based stand-up comedian. Michael is 5'11", but wears elevators in his shoes to make himself 6 feet tall. Twitter: @MichaelNapoles
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