Jim Harbaugh comments on NCAA’s new satellite camp proposal

Jim Harbaugh has not been one to hide his love of satellite camps. In fact, the Michigan football program conducted a monthlong tour over the summer that included stops in Australia and American Samoa.

So when the NCAA proposed new satellite camp guidelines which would limit teams from holding satellite camps to a ten-day period, everyone wanted to know what the Michigan Wolverines head coach thought.

On Thursday, Harbaugh let everyone know and it wasn’t a stance many likely would have predicted.

While acknowledging his disappointment in a decrease of “fun,” he kept a rather optimistic approach.

“That would take away a lot of fun,” Harbaugh told the “Jamie and Stoney show” on WXYT-FM this morning. “We did close to 50 last year, and that was a lot of fun. Heck, if every school is doing 10, that would probably be more than what was done last year, so there’s a possibility that it’s a really good thing. Everybody carries the water. The main thing is that football’s being spread, youngsters are getting opportunities to show what they can do.

“Potentially, it’s got a chance to be really good, so I can’t say that’s a negative. The only negative is we’ll have less fun.”

This plays into Harbaugh’s narrative that the camps are really about the players.

By acknowledging there is a chance the new satellite camp restrictions could be a good thing, Harbaugh is supporting the rule. Hey, maybe he was getting a little tired of the travel schedule anyways.

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Photo Credit: Twitter