Could Ohio State football beat the Browns? Ohioans believe so

A recent poll reveals that 62 percent of Ohio residents believe the No. 2 Ohio State football team would beat the Cleveland Browns.

The Ohio State Buckeyes have been as good this season as the Browns have been bad, which is to say in a big time way. The Browns are eating it every weekend, losing every game they’ve played and looking bad doing it. Meanwhile, the Buckeyes have made every team they’ve played look like they were more apt to be playing pop-warner. All the same, ouch.

Stories like this pop up every time a college team looks really, really, dominant the same year an NFL team looks like…well, the Browns. If you’ll recall, those early 2000’s Hurricanes teams were believed to be capable of beating the bottom feeding Cincinnati Bengals. Realistically, though, everybody on an NFL team played in college and separated themselves enough from other top-flight athletes enough to make the team.

There are 53 spots on an NFL roster and there are 128 teams in the FBS.

If you’re playing in the NFL, you’re really good at football.

Of course, Ohio State produces a lot of NFL caliber talent, but the Browns, even if they are the Browns, are professionals. There’s really only one way to settle this debate: the Browns suit up on their bye week and whip some college kids butts. That’ll show em!

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