Listen: Donald Trump faux pas made into dope club jam

If he’s elected, his first order should be to put out a mix-tape.

Donald Trump’s campaign has been filled with some ear-singeing stuff. He’s become adept at find new sects of people to upset and doing so on a regular basis. He’s polarizing, and people have no problem voicing their displeasure over controversial presidential candidate.

Criticism has been abundant, even amongst his own party.

However, none can deny this is a banger.

You mean to tell me this won’t get you up to angry dance?

Donald Trump has run a campaign in which he has been under intense criticism, however the recent release of a tape from 2005 in which he is making lewd remarks about women has sparked a firestorm. With the election only one month away, the release could be considered poorly time for the Trump campaign.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a video of this nature exists. Frankly, it’s surprising it took this long to come out. Trump was a huge reality TV star in the 2000’s and this video is likely just another stick in the forest.