Watch Tim Kaine learn and speak internet slang


Let’s face it: this election cycle has been an absolute sh*t show. That said, Senator Tim Kaine, the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, just gave us all a reason to smile and a temporary break from all of the insanity.

At a time when the mud-slinging is at an all-time high, Kaine gave us a light-hearted moment with an interview on The Tyler Oakley Show.

Kaine gave a great look at his personality and showed that he may be the only funny and warm candidate out on the trail. He isn’t a robot or a drill instructor like you see in Hillary Clinton or Mike Pence — and he certainly isn’t the leather-faced führer leading the right side of the ticket — instead, he’s just a lovable goofy uncle.

The best part of the show came when Kaine learned “internet slang” — like on fleek, bae and squad — in an effort to relate and entertain one of Clinton’s weakest groups of supporters, millennials.

Check it out:

Kaine at least got one vote from Tyler Oakley’s mom, but we’ll have to see how the video resonates with millenials.

Thank you for this, Tim Kaine. We all needed a laugh.

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