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Pharaoh Brown wants Oregon football team ‘buying in’ to Helfrich


Times are rough for the Oregon football program right now.

Currently on a four-game losing streak, Ducks tight end Pharaoh Brown appeared to indicate when speaking to the media that one of the issues holding the team back could be a lack of unity.

“You’ve got 105 men in the building,” Brown told Andrew Greif of The Oregonian. “Everybody’s not going to like each other but you have to respect it and I think that’s what everybody’s got to do. Some people don’t like some of the stuff that’s going on here – you don’t have to like it. I’m not asking you to like it. But what I’m asking you to do is respect it and that’s just what has got to happen.”

And the tension may not only be between players.

As Brown went on, he indicated the team is not “buying in” to head coach Mark Helfrich but that they must to move forward and improve together.

“Everybody got to respect that he’s the coach, he’s the boss,” Brown said. “I’m not changing it, you’re not changing it, the fans not changing it, you’ve got to get on board and respect what he’s doing and buying in because the thing is, if you don’t respect it, it’s never going to work.”

Helfrich has previously stated he hopes to turn the Oregon football program around, but he will need the support of his players to reach those goals.

Let’s hope for the sake of everyone that Brown’s words echo loudly and clearly throughout the Ducks locker room.

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Photo Credit: Oregon Football

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